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We take pride in providing exemplary fertility treatments to assist you in your pregnancy journey.
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Vasundhara IVF, we’re missioned to assist couples in achieving their parenthood goals with different types of fertility treatments. Suppose you’ve been unable to achieve pregnancy despite having regular unprotected sex for 6-12 months. In that case, we are here to help you understand the exact cause of infertility, thereby providing you with the best fertility treatments in our state-of-the-art facilities. We provide a wide range of assisted conception options to intending couples. The top fertility specialists will tailor a dedicated fertility treatment plan specifically designed for you.

When ?

if you are planning for your baby and want some treatment regarding it or whether you are confused how to go about it then just plan a visit to clinic so that we can guide you.

What to expect

The doctor will take a medical history and ask questions about the couple’s fertility issues and any possible underlying health issues. They will also discuss lifestyle factors that may affect fertility and the best course of treatment. The doctor may also order additional tests or scans to better assess the couple’s medical history and current health.


A detailed 3D ultrasound is performed to assess the details of female reproductive organs. Any issues detected in this ultrasound are addressed by further testing and if required by surgery.
Hormone testing is used to evaluate the levels of hormones associated with fertility. This includes tests for follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), estradiol, and testosterone. Abnormal hormone levels may indicate a hormone imbalance, which can lead to infertility.
Semen analysis is one of the most common tests used to diagnose male infertility. It involves examining a semen sample under a microscope to evaluate the number, shape, and motility of sperm. Abnormal results may indicate a blockage in the reproductive tract, genetic abnormalities, or a hormone imbalance.
Status of the fallopian tubes which are required for fertilization of gamate is assessed by various test like HSG, SSG, Diagnostic hysterolaparoscopy. HSG Diagnostic testing is an important part of the infertility evaluation process. It helps doctors determine the cause of infertility and the best treatment plan for couples. Diagnostic testing can range from relatively simple tests, such as semen analysis and hormone testing, to more complex tests, such as laparoscopy and hysteronsalpingography.
HSG Diagnostic testing-india

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During the consultation, the doctor will explain the process of IVF and how it works. They will discuss the risks and potential side effects associated with IVF and any medications that may be needed. The doctorwill also discuss the process of selecting and preparing eggs and sperm for IVF and the success rates of different types of IVF.

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