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  • Service offered by the Doctors & staff was beyond our imagination. All facilities were at per with our IVF center in metro city.

    Manisha & N.L. Vyas, Jodhpur

  • Incredible attention, positive approach, caring staff & of course getting pregnancy in first attempt....

    Great Experience at VHFRC.

    Mrs. Jyoti & D. Tak, Dubai

  • All were very good to us during our treatment & Later on for 9 months during pregnancy.

    Thanks to god that we got Doctors like you....

    Mrs. Anita Bhandari, Ahmedabad

  • Please accept our sincere thanks for the kind attention you have paid which is resulted in a cute little "BUNDLE OF JOY" called 'Rayan' becoming part of this world.
    We would also like to thanks all the VASUNDHARITES for their coopreration and wishes,which came in handy during the entire series of events.

    Mej.Raji Methew,19MECH INF(RESEARCH & SP)C/O 56 APO

  • Very good coordination between the staff and doctors.TRUE Team Work. Keep it going

    Dr Nikita Trehan

  • Excellent Team work and that what keeps you going so fast. Never lose it

    Dr Hafeez Rahman

  • "Service rendered by Nurse & Staff is excellent. All of them have been trained very well to offer service. What appealed to me most is the affectionate nature and sympathetic outlook which is essential for infertile couple."

    Mrs.Dipti, Jodhpur

  • "At last we find an oasis in the desert. We are very much grateful to Dr. Sanjay Makwana and Dr. Renu Makwana. They have shown us a ray of light in the darkness. We are fully satisfied with their effective treatment. Now we have a new hope and confidence that we will definitely achieve our goal. Thanks to everyone who took part in our treatment. Nurse and other staff have done an excellent job. We appreciate their sympathetic and affectionate service.Vasundhara Hospital is a divine park to the Infertile couple. We pray God for their every success."


  • Thanks to Dr. Sanjay Makwana and team. Being mother at the age of 40 year was beyond my imagination. But proper treatment gives me bundle of joy, hope and strength for future. I felt like home here. Happiness that cannot be payed back.


  • Rare occasion to see all IVF babies in one family.


  • This is to record my high sense of appreciation which I, indeed, felt during my wife's stay /treatment in vasundhra Hospital, Jodhpur. I and my wife Ms. Rakshi Chouhan both are settled at Singapore since long. When my wife was expecting, earlier we had in our mind to get the delivery done at Singapore itself; but, later on when we heard high about the personnel care and the advanced facilities which are given in Vasundhra Hospital, Jodhpur then, we immediately switched over to Jodhpur, got my wife admitted in this Hospital where, through Caesarean process, very comfortably, a male child was born on 27.02.2013.
    I must record that during the entire period of our stay in Vasundhra Hospital, all the Doctors (Dr. Renu Makwana in particular), Nursing & other Associated Staff rendered there excellent services. We also observed that each and every patient in the Hospital is looked after with at most personal care and personal care and attention. We wish the Hospital and its management grant success on all fronts.

    Vishal & Rakshi Chouhan - Singapore

  • Mr. and Mrs. Dilip Kumar, a couple who spent 5 years going through different fertility centers before they saw an advertisement about Vasundhara Hospital & Fertility Research Centre and consulted us through phone. We had special counseling session and guided them throughout the treatment. Investigative reports revealed that it was a case of male and female infertility. A course of medication was given to improve the sperm parameters and they were counseled to make a choice for ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). Now Mrs. Dilip Kumar is in her 4th month of pregnancy and it is healthy and ongoing. The couple have expressed the sense of happiness and said, "Thank you for this miracle we waited so long for, and also thank you for your emotional support, constant kindness and compassion for helping us make the decision to move forward, this will forever be remembered."

    Male & Female Infertility

  • Mrs. Rani and Mr. Satish is a couple stepped into our clinic having a married life of 8 years. Mrs. Rani is 38 years old and Mr. Satish 39 years old. The Preliminary investigations identified PCOS in Mrs. Rani. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrine disorder that affects approximately 5% of all women and is the most common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age, and is a leading cause of infertility. After referring to all her history throughout the journey of infertility, the couple was advised to opt for egg donation. On 13th day post embryo transfer her β-hCG value showed a positive result. Now she is 12 weeks pregnant. They say "Thank you Vasundhara for turning an impossible dream of parenthood into reality and we are filled with unlimited joy and happiness."


  • "Myself Mr. Ravinder Singh [46yrs] and my spouse Ms. Reena Singh [44yrs] have been married since 14 years and unable to conceive. We consulted many gynecologists and infertility doctors for a solution to our problem but all our efforts were in vain. In our search on the internet about various infertility clinics we came across Vasundhara Hospital and Fertility Research centre at Jodhpur, Rajasthan. We first approached Dr. Sanjay Makwana through mails. The reply was impressive. We found a very warm welcome at the hospital which gave us hope and we decided to take the treatment under his guidance. As I have a busy job schedule, my semen samples were frozen and we found success in the first IVF cycle itself. It seemed as if impossible dreams come true for us and we look forward for the baby's arrival in this world with huge anticipation." "Last but not the least, for the couple who are facing a problem to have children I would like to say few words about Dr. Sanjay Makwana and his team: Patience, Perseverance and Individual attention is what they provide exclusively at Vasundhara Hospital and Fertility Research centre for which they are the most successful fertility centre."

    IVF Success

  • "I am Vijaylakshmi, married at 18 years, pregnant at 19 years and one fine day suddenly I developed unbearable abdominal pain, I was diagnosed with "Ectopic Pregnancy". In emergency one of my tubes had to removed and also came to know that my second tube was scarred tube. In first place I lost my first child and second a healthy tube. Nine long years passed and I was in depression. One day when I visited my Aunt she told me about Vasundhara Hospital and Fertility Research centre and different options available there. My husband and I decided to visit VHFRC and from there our journey began. From counselors to pathological lab staff, all were very cooperative and made me feel special. They came to the conclusion that IVF will be the best option for me to conceive. I had a full term delivery through IVF treatment and now I am a proud mother of a lovely child. I wish every couple who undergo treatment at VHFRC good luck and positive thoughts for their dreams and I am thankful from my heart to each and every member at VHFRC."

    Tubal Infertility

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New IVF Package, Please Get Yourself Registered Before 31st January 2015
IFS Approved Centre For Training
IVF Babies
PGS/PGD Procedures In Recurrent Implantation Failure/ Secondary Pregnancy Loss
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