General Medicine:

The department of General Medicine offers high-quality of diagnostic and treatment options through encompassed efforts of competent doctors. Our physicians are committed to applying latest medical knowledge and technology to meet the needs of our patients. Service comprise of – fever, diabetes, thyroid, obesity, preventive health that includes adult vaccination, lifestyle management. Emergency services available are Surgical, Medico Legal, Gynecology/ Obstetrics, Infectious, Treating other urgent health, and Ambulance service.


Equipped with the two latest color Doppler and 3D-4D scanner, VHFRC performs error free transvaginal and abdominal ultrasonography on patients. The process helps detect the growth of the follicle and the thickness of endometrium. If any tumour or cyst is present in the uterus and ovaries, they can also be detected by this method. Antral Follicle Count (AFC), which determines a woman’s ovarian reserve or fertility potential, can be measured and counted in each ovary by transvaginal scanning.

Pathology Lab:

VHFRC’s Pathology Service bridges science and clinical medicine to provide full clinical and research services. Our clinical laboratory provides clinicians with information that enables patient diagnosis and treatment.


Counseling is a crucial part of infertility treatment. From the moment patient step in the centre to the outcome, counseling plays a vital role for the couple. At VHFRC counseling facility available so that patients and families can talk about their upheavals to a professional in confidential manner. We thoroughly explain our patients every step involved in the treatment. As fertility treatments are long and can often be frustrating and stressful, our confidential counseling is aimed to help patients overcome the hurdles inherent in the route to successful conception. We cater to Infertility, Marital Disharmony, Pre-marital, Pre conception ,Stress, Depression, Academic pressure relief  counseling

Nutrition & Lactation Department:

The Nutrition Department at the VHFRC provides comprehensive nutrition consultation services for patients of all ages in both the inpatient and ambulatory settings. Our dietitian works directly with patients and check the nutrition status & medical condition and accordingly they provide diet counseling. This comprises of Comprehensive nutrition consultation service, Nutritional status as per medical condition, diet counseling.

Whether to breastfeed or bottle-feed a baby it is one of the most important decisions during the pregnancy. We are here to support the patient’s decision, whether decide to breastfeed or formula-feed the newborn. Our certified lactation consultant helps new mothers at VHFRC and develops the confidence & skill they need to initiate breastfeeding.  We cater to Comprehensive life style modification – Pre & post pregnancy, lactating mothers, Bottle feed or breast feed formula for new born.

General Medicine Department

Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma

Consultant Physician

Dr. Anil Sharma has done his medical graduation from SN medical college and

Radiology Sonography Department

Dr. Piyush Goyal


A young dynamic Radiologist with great precision in his work, Dr. Piyush Goyal

Pathology Lab Department

Dr. Anuraag Gupta


He completed his MD (Pathlogy) from S.N. Medical and thereafter had his

Counseling Department

Dr. Reena Bhansali

Counseling Psychologist | H-R Manager | Marketing Head

Ph.D by degree and counseling psychologist by profession Dr. Reena Bhansali

General Medicine Department

Mrs. Neelam Ojha

Yoga Instructor

Mrs. Neelam Ojha has done PG in Nutrition,