The Embryoscope – An overwhelming technology to increase the success rates of IVF

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One of the newer technological gimmicks which have got a lot of attention is the Embryoscope.

The development of the human embryo is seen with Embryoscope. It’s the time lapse incubator that continually monitors the embryos within set time frames.

Advantages of Embroyoscope in IVF clinics:

Improved Embryo Selection:

  • With embryo monitoring, information can be used to assess whether a normal looking embryo is indeed ‘normal’.
  • With time-lapse embryo monitoring we can transfer embryos earlier in the knowledge that the best ones have been chosen.

Increased IVF Success:

  • Time lapse imaging helps in choosing the embryo with the highest implantation potential.
  • This technique has increased the chances of conception by 8-12%.

VHFRC is Rajasthan’s First A.R.T. Lab Equipped with Embryoscope. It was installed in Nov-2012.

Dealing with the latest technology “Embryoscope” in VHFRC- First baby delivered on 20th Aug’2013. It was the most enshrined day for VHFRC when a couple with married life of more than 12 years had repeated infertility treatment and IVF failures, were blessed with a baby boy with the help of advanced Embryoscope technique. The baby was claimed to be first delivered in Rajasthan amongst northern India through Embryoscope. Couple had undergone with several treatments & failed to get the desired result and then they approached VHFRC Jodhpur, where they were suggested to undergo treatment with highly advanced embryo selection device name Embryoscope; which allows embryos to be observed from fertilization till transfer.

Expecting to have a baby is the beginning of Life’s most precious moment; give yourself a very best chance with advanced technology Embryoscope.