Role of Father to Be Unfilled Treasure of Love

Children need their fathers as much as their mother. A man’s role as a father can begin long before the baby is born. Pregnancy is replete with changes. The physical & emotional changes that occur in the pregnant woman can leave her partner bewildered & sometimes a little worried. Being a part of the child’s birth is a significant & incomparable experience. In early weeks of pregnancy, husband’s support is important as the pregnant women may feel tired, need more sleep or had frequent mood swings. At this time would-be-father should take some household chores so that she can sleep a little longer.

Remember, “a husband who pitches in & lets his wife sleep a little longer, is worth his weight in gold”

Working together for a healthy lifestyle will benefit you, your wife & your baby. In comparison to first trimester, second trimester is easy to handle for both husband & wife. Remember, you must not carried away & force your wife to eat so much that she puts on unnecessary weight. The third trimester can be as stressful for you as it is for her.

The reality of having a new baby is also sinking in, it’s good news for a father-to-be that many of obstetrician allow husband into the labor room. Just being there for her is an enormous mood elevator for the new mother-to-be and make sure you have already discussed with your obstetrician what your wife will face if she needs a caesarean section. Attending childbirth & labor preparation classes are quite helpful for husbands, understanding what your wife will be facing through labor & delivery gives you the ability to be able to better support & assist her through the travails of labor & delivery. ANC classes should be essential to attend as baby care, feeding techniques & mother care topics get discussed is such lesson.

Serving your baby born before your eyes can be one of the most miraculous experiences of your life. By sharing the care of the baby with your wife, you will provide the support she needs & at the same times, gains confidence in your own preventing skills later it has common to see a husband accompany his wife for an antenatal check-up. Now days, with encouragement, & the prospect of being allowed into the labor room, more and more husbands have started accompanying their wives.

It is important to be a mother but it is miracle for father to understand & feel the newborn!!