Glaucoma during Pregnancy

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February 27, 2017
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Journey of pregnancy is like reading a book, you don’t know what’s next but each page brings changes than it was in previous.

Every day wonders of pregnancy: Not every day of pregnancy is easy – Vision Changes during Pregnancy

Body will go through many changes during pregnancy, but amazing change is when you become mother from a woman. It is important to be aware of the changes that are going on in your body during pregnancy and how they could affect your eyesight. In general, eye pressure actually tends to decrease in pregnant women, possibly due to the body’s hormonal changes. This may be beneficial to some women with glaucoma.

If you experience vision changes during pregnancy, they’ll probably be minor. Most women who experience a change find that they’re a bit more nearsighted than they were before pregnancy. But, if you have glaucoma and are also diabetic, be aware that women with diabetes need extra prenatal planning and careful diabetes management to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Diabetic retinopathy, an eye disease that is a common complication of diabetes, often progresses much more quickly during pregnancy.

It is important to realize that any glaucoma medication may affect the fetus. Unfortunately, there is very little human data on the use of glaucoma eye drop medications during pregnancy. For most of these medications, risk cannot be ruled out. Again, it is important to discuss your glaucoma treatments with your Doctor.

Concerns about glaucoma medications should not end with delivery of the baby. If you want to nurse your baby, consider that glaucoma medications, like other medications, can be passed on through breast milk. Glaucoma, on the other hand, sometimes improves during pregnancy, so your medication may need to be adjusted.

Additionally, eye symptoms can signal specific problems during pregnancy. High blood pressure or preeclampsia may cause vision disturbances.

Be sure to let your doctor know immediately if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Double vision
  • Blurry vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Temporary loss of vision
  • Seeing spots or flashing lights

The changes in your body will last for just nine months, but the beauty of motherhood will embrace you for the rest of your life.