Diwali During Pregnancy

One of the most important and big hindu festivals diwali is around the corner. Everyone is getting prepared for welcoming goddess laxmi and lord ganesha at home. Diwali is the time to rejoice and have fun with family members. However, pregnant women need to be very careful as the festival is not only loud, but risky too. Being pregnant during diwali might bring up questions you had never thought of before such as how the pollution from crackers can affect you and your growing baby. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and enjoy yourself during the festive season. Diwali is the time when most people choose to redecorate, remodel and clean their homes. But there are some chores that aren’t safe for expecting mums. While performing house chores, pregnant women should be careful as she do not climb on stools or wash anything that requires a soapy solution. Moreover, be careful while bending down and lighting diyas. Painting your home or polishing furniture may expose you to harmful chemicals or fumes that make you nauseous. The preparations leading upto diwali can often make things hectic. Whether you’re doing up your home, meeting family, distributing gifts or shopping, you might need to scale down the activities to suit your energy levels. Make sure that with all running around you do not forget to eat well and drink enough fluids. No celebration is complete without special treats and sweets. It is better to eat less and often rather than big quantities in one go. Sweet, fatty, spicy and deep fried foods can all aggravate acidity. Keep a count on how much caffeine you are drinking and eating. It crosses the placenta and reaches your baby.

Diwali is a word of crackers, lights and louds, but being an expecting mother breathing in air pollutants can cause harm to a baby in the womb and longer the exposure to the pollutants, the greater the effect it can cause intra-uterine growth retardation, Low birth weight, increased risk of a premature delivery, poor placental growth and function and heart defects in the baby. It can aggravate asthma, breathing problems or allergies. If possible, stay indoors during the peak time when fireworks are in full swing. Excessive smoke and pollutants emitted by fire crackers badly affect the health of pregnant woman, exposing them to harsh chemicals and pollutants that could harm the fetus. Exposure to extremely loud sounds beyond 110 decibels can affect your hearing capacity, whereas exposure to loud sounds above 85 decibels can damage your baby’s hearing capacity. You can join in the fun and enjoy the puja, feasting, presents and fireworks as usual. But there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Dress comfortably, select cotton clothes as synthetics catch fire easily.
  • If possible light up the night with diyas, lanterns and electrical lightings instead of fireworks and crackers.
  • If you need to bend and touch many a family member’s feet, bend your knees to go down rather than your back.

An eco-safe diwali is the best tip for pregnant women!!