6.5 months premature and 750 gm weighed, one of the tiniest baby at VHFRC NICU wins the battle for life…

Born 6.5 months premature, baby wins battle for life

A baby, who was born 6.5 months premature and weighed just 750 gm at the time of birth, has managed to fight all odds and survive. The baby was born three months ago and had been undergoing intensive treatment. 26 week male child discharged from Vasundhara Hospital, Jodhpur after lots of hard work and a compassionate care of doctors and nursing staff.

However it was an IVF cum High Risk Pregnancy but, our clinical expertise team of Gynecology & Obstetricians and Neonatologists at the hospital Dr.  Renu Makwana& Dr. Adarsh Purohit has decided to go ahead with the delivery and fortunately it was delivered naturally.  This is one of the tiniest babies at VHFRC and the best thing about baby is, he is neurologically normal till now. Our state-of-art facility at Vasundhara Hospital has a tertiary level 17 critical care beds for infants and provides diverse expertise caring for an array of complex conditions.